Spiekeroog, 20014

Pinhole analog, medium format


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Hedvig Skjerdingstad, ‘The Archive – A Study of Recollection’, 2014.

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Irregular And Apparently Functional | Ben Sweeting | The Draftery

"In these drawings I have explored ways in which the contingencies of designing might be made manifest in the things that we design. It is not that that I have tried to design objects that “are” contingent—everything we design could equally have been otherwise. Rather, I have tried to make the contingencies of designing experienceable, in contrast to the way that they are often tidied away.

The drawings begin from a consideration of apparently functional everyday objects. Though these have clear requirements following from their purpose, they are under-constrained and leave enormous room for variation. Using an elaborate process of drawing, I have amalgamated several possibilities together to create irregular compositions without any one dominant ordering principle (even that of orderlessness). This formal strategy is complemented by the inclusion of mechanical components, animating the objects so that they slowly cycle through alternative configurations while being used.”

Ben Sweeting

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Hedvig Skjerdingstad, ‘Copenhagen City Museum – A Matter of Time’, 2014


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Urmialake, Azarbaijan, Iran - Iranian women walk past the salty remains of what used to be the biggest lake in Iran. Instagramer @nima_deimary submitted this photo to our weekly #ReportageSpotlight contest. See all of this week’s selections here.

(via beautyofiran)

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Grundriss, Protohaus | Modul P10 Konstruktives Entwerfen und Material

Dominique Tang

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