Hedvig Skjerdingstad, ‘Copenhagen City Museum – A Matter of Time’, 2014

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Luis Barragan

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.ثَمَنُ حُلْمُكَ رَوْحُكَ

the price of your dream is your soul 

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M+ in Kowloon, Hong Kong - Snøhetta

M+ (Museum+) is a new center for visual culture in Hong Kong, located in the new West Kowloon Cultural District. Snøhetta’s design makes M+ a new transpositional art platform. The + highlights the ambitious relationship between art content, the public, museum building, and context.

The current state of anticipated relationships between museums and society demands rethinking. The design of art museums is dominated by the idea that people portray the highest risk to any type of collection. This prevents the introduction of integrated approaches and leaves museums “passive” according to the latest sociological discoveries of human behavior. Performative aspects of space and time relationships are vulnerable qualities and they may be deteriorated by formal architectural approaches driven by personal aesthetic preferences. The M+ concept seeks to give a clear and recognizable form, yet adaptable to the changing demands of society and the arts.

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Tadao Ando. GA Houses. 14 1983: 178

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